New Corporate Vision and Mission 

The dynamic environment of the semiconductor industry and its constantly increasing demand of new innovations, lead us to revisit our corporate vision and mission statement this year.

Besides many strategic questions, such as where RAITH is heading in the long term, what goals we want to achieve in 5 to 10 years from now, and how our strategic agenda is structured, we wanted to provide a clearly define guidance where we want to go in the future and who we want to be (vision), but also why we do what we do and what our corporate mission is.

“We reexamined our previous company vision and mission and updated it using new paths and ways of thinking,” says Dr. Michael Steigerwald, CEO of RAITH Group. “This is a great opportunity to provide guidance for our external and internal stakeholders. If they clearly understand what RAITH stands for, what we seek to express through our vision, and what added value we want to create for our customers and for society as a whole, this will have a positive impact on all our joint activities.”


In a world of constant change and huge challenges, we aim to contribute to the solution with our nanotechnology innovations. As a company, we strive to push the boundaries of what is possible and to enable our customers to do the same. This is captured in our vision statement: Challenge the frontiers of nanotechnology!

The innovations and solutions our customers develop are what drive us. Our goal will always be to provide them with the best technology and smartest solutions to enable them to do their very best work. We enable innovation and industrial implementation of nano devices to advance the digital future. This is our mission, and it gives us guidance in everything we do.
To find out more details and to read the full vision and mission statement, visit our mission and vision site.

The first presentation to the market was given at the MNE conference in Berlin in September this year. We created a new trade show design and layout that reflected the new vision and mission, showcasing key visuals alongside the respective claims. The presentation given by Dr. Michael Steigerwald (CEO) and Benjamin Oevermann, (Executive Vice President Sales, Marketing and Application), introduced the new vision and mission.

Photo of people at MNE 2023 in front of the RAITH booth with new vision and mission statement

How are you challenging the frontiers of nanotechnology? Let us know – and win!

As everything we do is aimed at enabling our customers to excel at their work, we want to know how you are challenging the frontiers of nanotechnology.

We invite you to share your thoughts on the subject. By doing so, you can win a fully sponsored trip to our Expert Workshop and Skill Day in March 2024 as well as further interesting prizes such as an iPad Air.

Click here to see contributions already submitted by some RAITH customers, and find out how they have already broken the boundaries of nanotechnology with RAITH systems and solutions. You will also find all the details on how to participate.

Share your challenge and win