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Raith Nanofabrication – About us

Raith is a leading precision technology manufacturer for nanofabrication, electron beam lithography, FIB SEM nanofabrication, laser lithography, nanoengineering, and reverse engineering applications.

Customers include universities and other organizations involved in various fields of nanotechnology research and materials science – as well as industrial and medium-sized enterprises that use nanotechnology for specific product applications or produce compound semiconductors.

Founded in 1980 and headquartered in Dortmund, Germany, Raith employs more than 250 people. The company works as closely as possible with customers in the most important global markets through subsidiaries in the Netherlands, the USA, and Asia and through an extensive partner and service network.

Our solutions

What makes Raith unique is the range of its nanofabrication products and services, covering high-end systems for productive and industrial applications right through to highly flexible solutions for budget-conscious academic research. Raith’s broad nanofabrication portfolio offers the ideal solution for all your nanofabrication challenges.

Our values

Raith employees and management are committed to provide their clients with innovative product solutions as part of a lifelong partnership. To achieve this, we are committed to our defined values:


We work together with our customers, colleagues, and suppliers to always find the best solution.


We trust each other and always treat our customers’ data and projects with the required respect and confidentiality.


We stand by our word. Our customers, employees, and suppliers can all count on us, no matter what.


We strive for continuous improvement by making ongoing investments in the qualifications, training, and skills of our employees.


We enable our customers to be at the forefront in their field of expertise, and achieve this by our commitment to consistently developing and producing cutting-edge solutions.


We always put the customer first. A lifelong partnership with our customers can only be achieved by keeping our customers’ needs in mind with every decision we make.

Our employees

A cooperative management style and intercultural and international team work results in products and services that fulfill our clients` demanding requirements. Diversity is seen as a “must have” in Raith`s international business environment and, moreover, as a unique chance to achieve innovation. Enabling employees to develop skills, grow expertise, embrace career development and, finally, maintain a good work-life-balance enables Raith to safeguard and develop precious human resources and specific core competences within the company - all the while supporting the goal of a lifelong partnership.

Our customers

Raith customers are found above all in universities and in publicly funded research institutions, specializing in basic and materials research on nanoscale level. Beyond this, Raith solutions are also deployed in research and development departments of industry in areas such as prototyping of nanotechnology-based products and processes. Industrial or medium-sized enterprises use Raith products and solutions in specific process developments, template fabrication, and selected production steps for compound semiconductors.

Our history

Foundation of Raith

Raith was founded in Dortmund, Germany, in 1980.
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Foundation of Raith USA Inc.

Raith USA Inc. was founded in the state of New York to serve the steadily increasing US marketing a more effective way.
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In 1988 Raith launched the first ELPHY hardware/software system onto the market; an “electronic pencil” that could complement ...
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First laser interferometer stage

At the beginning of the 1990s Raith focused some of its development resources on new kinds of SEM stages that ...
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New location for Raith

Raith moved into new facilities with application lab, production area, offices and lecture rooms for training courses and other events.
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Launch of first turnkey solution

1995 saw the launch of the first Raith turnkey solutions on the market which ...
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eLINE product launch

Product launch of versatile eLINE, an ultra high resolution electron beam lithography and nanoengineering workstation ...
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Introduction of ionLINE

Introduction of ionLINE, a novel focused ion beam instrument class for research and development
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Launch of RAITH150 Two

Based on the success of the RAITH150, RAITH150 Two was launched with better specifications ...
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New head office in Dortmund

Due to the last year's growth, Raith moved to its new head office in Dortmund, featuring more ...
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Introduction of PIONEER

Raith introduces the PIONEER to the market. PIONEER is a new compact electron beam lithography system based on ...
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New ELPHY MultiBeam

The new ELPHY MultiBeam enhances the successful ELPHY attachment series.
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Market introduction of new eLINE Plus

Raith markets the new?eLINE Plus,?a consequent evolution of the popular eLINE ...
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Raith and Vistec joined forces

More recently, the most important milestone was the integration of Vistec Gaussian Beam Lithography ...
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Raith installs its new VOYAGER with new Raith?eWrite?technology at York University.
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Raith Nanofabrication new corporate design

After the integration of VISTEC, Raith presents its new corporate design at the 40th MNE conference.
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Market introduction of PIONEER Two

Raith introduces the new PIONEER Two to the market, complementing its portfolio ...
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Launch of the EBPG5150

To maintain its position at the leading edge of research and development, Raith has always offered its customers the most affordable and best possible technical solutions. Consistent with this policy, we proudly to presented a new system within our portfolio: the EBPG5150.
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New joint venture: Raith China

To better serve customers in China and meet the needs of this fast-growing market ...
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Market introduction of FIB-SEM VELION

In early 2018, Raith presented VELION, the new FIB-SEM for FIB-centric nanofabrication.
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New Demo Lab opening in Best

Raith opens a new demo center close to the office and production location in Best, Netherlands
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Launch of the EBPG Plus

Many small-scale adjustments have resulted in a significantly enhanced product: The EBPG Plus which was launched in June 2021. The latest generation of the highly successful EBPG series and now faster, more precise, and more stable than ever before.
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Raith acquires 4PICO Litho

Raith is expanding its product offering by adding direct write laser lithography systems manufactured by 4PICO Litho to its business strategy. With the acquisition key advantages are expected from the connectivity between Electron Beam (EBL) and Laser Beam Lithography (LBL).

Raith joins MIT.nano Consortium

In July 2021 MIT.nano has announced Raith joined the MIT.nano Consortium as the twelfth founding member.