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Training and Application Services


Raith offers individual training courses for a broad variety of settings and requirements.

Have you just had a new Raith system installed at your facility? We’ll help you to get started! Initial basic training for the new equipment users is all part of the standard scope of delivery. Depending on the situation and requirements, this can be extended with additional days of on-site training or remote training sessions. Additional remote training sessions are regularly booked to accompany the first months of a system ownership or usage and are a highly effective method.

Are you onboarding new colleagues, or seeing a shift in responsibilities and tasks in your facility? An on-site training session followed by remote training is an excellent way of ensuring an efficient transition and restoring productivity.

Or perhaps you have owned your Raith system for several years and have now upgraded it with a new additional feature? Enhance your knowledge and expertise with individual training. We help you to learn the correct procedures for handling and efficient use of your new equipment and the options it offers. This situation can be covered with remote only training in many cases.

Training Options

These training courses are always individually tailored to your requirements and budget. For example, a course can take one day, or up to 14 days on site; but it can also comprise a focused 2 hour remote training session, or a series of 4-hour or 8-hour remote sessions; it can cover a good bandwidth of topics or go into a specific topic in depth.

Most popular is a combination beginning with on-site training followed by shorter remote training sessions. This combination allows users to get started quickly and consolidate their knowledge and capabilities in the following weeks.

We recommend you get in touch with us to discuss the most suitable option for your specific requirements. We will be glad to find the best solution for you and provide quotations and budgeting information.

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Photo of a Raith employee giving an on-site training

Application Services

This service is available for all Raith customers, from small research groups at universities to centralized service facilities

You can even utilize this service prior to delivery of your system, taking full advantage of our expertise and Raith’s application lab systems.

Application Services can take a variety of forms tailored to your specific requirements:

Coaching and support for a local user

  • Single point of contact
  • 1:1 training
  • Tailored application development

Refresher training for new/special tool functionalities

  • Revisiting previously underutilized options/ functionalities
    • Automation
    • Automated image scan
    • Metrology

Application support

  • Patterning strategy optimization
  • Patterning time/design optimization

Assist with tasks of main tool operator

  • “Rent” an additional specialist for busy times
  • During parental leave or extended time off

Process control

  • Metrology and imaging with Chipscanning/ Metrology systems
  • Supported by Raith experts from Raith application & demo sites

Benefit from Raith expertise

Do you need assistance with an application or day-to-day operation of your system? Is there a shortage of manpower / ressources forseeable but you need to wrap up your project?

You will benefit from our efficient and flexible services aligned to your specific needs, especially with support via remote connection even on short notice. This service gives you direct access to the most experienced experts on Raith Systems. You will be working directly with an assigned Raith engineer knowledgeable in your specific application and supported by Raith’s international network of application experts.

Get in touch with us to discuss your application, without any up front obligation.

Together, we can plan the best way to accommodate your requirements.

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