Unlock the full nanopatterning potential of your SEM, FIB-SEM, or HIM

Picture of the Lithography attachment for nanopatterning: the ELPHY MultiBeam
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Nanopatterning made simple

ELPHY stands for the easiest and most economical access to professional nanolithography and nanofabrication. It provides all you need to get off to an efficient start.

ELPHY upgrade kits, also known as “lithography attachments,” enable virtually any SEM or FIB to be converted into a nanolithography or nanofabrication station in order to fully exploit its nanopatterning potential –– without sacrificing any of its original functionality! With features such as

  • professional GDSII file handling
  • patterning on image functionality
  • FLEXposure directional scanning modes
  • remote access to relevant SEM or FIB parameters
  • beam blank and stage control
  • position list for sophisticated batch job automation (including scripting)
  • advanced lithography functionality for e.g. 3D processes or proximity effect correction
  • sophisticated FIB-specific nanopatterning capabilities, and
  • unique hardware concept providing the equivalent of more than 16-bit main DACs only for sub-nm pattern placement control,
Illustration of the nanopatterning possibilities with ELPHY

ELPHY attachments significantly enhance an SEM or FIB-SEM with respect to the degree of automation, bandwidth and complexity of potential nanofabrication applications when adapted to these tools.

ELPHY features the same NANOSUITE software platform as the Raith turnkey systems, thus benefiting from all comprehensive software modules and functionalities that accompany a dedicated EBL instrument. Adapted to an SEM, a FIB, a FIB-SEM, or a HIM, ELPHY is capable of handling a whole range of nanopatterning tasks, from simple single write field exposures to complex and highly automated multi-level and multi-field patterning sequences or metrology jobs. More than 100 person-years of software development have gone into ELPHY software. Ask for an online software demonstration and see for yourself why it is the most widely used solution worldwide!


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Create your own nanolithography system

ELPHY nanolithography and nanofabrication upgrade kits are the perfect solution for entering the world of Electron and Ion Beam Lithography, offering the highest flexibility and cost-effectiveness. With a track record of approximately ~1000 installations, ELPHY is the most widely distributed SEM/FIB lithography attachment on the market. Depending on the SEM/FIB performance, the specific applications, and related requirements for stability and ultimate precision, there are 3 different ELPHY systems to choose from:

Photo of an ELPHY Quantum

Universal and most economical approach to professional EBL

ELPHY Quantum covers the entire workflow (CAD layout and processing, control of exposure parameters, automation, remote control of each microscope etc.), integrated into a single user interface – the Raith NanoSuite. The proprietary PCI board hardware is preinstalled and tested on Windows PCs.

Photo of an ELPHY Plus

Precise and fast – Accelerate your SEM or FIB-SEM

ELPHY Plus pattern processor (DSP technology) has been designed with utmost care to deliver unexcelled electronic performance. This is an undeniable prerequisite for nanolithography with ultimate resolution, precision, and stability – specifically when attached to modern thermal-field emission based SEMs with high beam current densities.

Photo of the nanopatterning solution ELPHY MultiBeam

Unlock all possibilities – The nanopatterning benchmark.

ELPHY MultiBeam sets new standards on the market for SEM and FIB-SEM nanolithography solutions. The ELPHY MultiBeam combines the very best EBL performance with the latest technology for three-dimensional ion beam-based and other 3D nanofabrication techniques, and helps to unlock the full nanofabrication potential of your SEM, FIB-SEM, or HIM system.

ELPHY MultiBeam includes all comprehensive multiple technique nanopatterning functionality in a single tool for Focused Ion Beam Nanofabrication, Etching and Deposition, Electron Beam Lithography (EBL), Gas-Assisted Focused Electron Beam Induced Processing (FEBIP), and Helium Ion Beam Patterning.

To discuss which option best suits your need, get in touch with us and we will figure out what best works for your application.

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Maximum writing frequency ELPHY Quantum

6 MHz

Maximum writing frequency ELPHY Plus, ELPHY MultiBeam

20 MHz

Main deflection / calibration and overlay DACs

16-bit 8 x

ELPHY for everything that fits in a single writefield

Unlike with Raith turnkey system solutions, ELPHY systems naturally cannot provide laser-interferometer-like positioning accuracies as they need to rely on the stage precision of respective SEM/FIB-SEM/HIM (with typical stage positioning accuracies in the order of µm(s)).

That is why ELPHY typically addresses single writefield applications. However, multiple write fields can be automatically exposed following mix and match, “step and repeat” or other patterning strategies applied to preprocessed large area designs.

Photo of three people working in the Raith Service and Support Center


To ensure our customers get started efficiently, Raith includes on-site installation and basic training by experienced and factory trained engineers, who will ensure smooth setup and optimum instrument adaptation. Advanced training is offered during factory training courses or remote assistance by our support desks in Asia, Europe or Americas. And a comprehensive 1000-page manual for Raith NANOSUITE and an online help function naturally reference every function available.


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