New training video online! Learn about calibration and mode check, linescans, TEM lamella preparation, and much more

Our library of free video tutorials for all Raith users is continuously growing. The most common questions we get are covered in short videos, explaining in precise detail how to solve the issues while working on the system.

The newest additions to the library cover the following topics:

  • Mode calibration and mode check, and
  • How to use linescans and how to set them up.

Other videos that are already online explain subjects such as:

  • TEM lamella preparation
  • The working area palette
  • Write field alignment
  • Stage adjustment
  • Beam stability test.

Easy registration process

Access to the videos is restricted since the topics covered are only useful for users actually working on a Raith system. If this applies to you, registration is straightforward: simply go to and complete the form. We will check your application, approve your access, and send you a confirmationby email. You can then visit again and watch all videos of interest to you. Furthermore, you will also gain access to all our downloads and webinars.

Since we want those videos to be of help to you and the library will grow over time, you can always let us know any topics you think might be worth covering. Simply send us an email to with your ideas and wishes.

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