Raith User Meeting

Raith schedules regular user group meetings at exhibitions, conferences or at universities.
Providing users of Raith systems a framework to present their scientific results to an interested audience, Raith gets involved with networking the application areas of different user groups.

Please see below if there are any User Meetings scheduled in the near future.

There are no User Meetings scheduled at the moment. make sure, to visit our website regularly or follow us on LikedIn, facebook or Instagram for any updates.

User Dinner MNE

The User Dinner during the MNE brings together Raith Users with each other as well as with Raith Experts. The networking event takes place prior to the MNE conference in Berlin and is open to all Raith Users.
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September 24th, 18:00


Montraw Restaurant, Berlin

Raith Expert Workshop and Skill Day

The Expert Workshop and Skill Day enters into a second round in March 2024! Our 3-day hybrid event including

  • interesting talks,
  • focus groups with Raith experts,
  • networking sessions,
  • a factory tour,
  • and much more.

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Logo of the Raith Expert Workshop and Skill Day


March 5th - 7th, 2024


Best (near Eindhoven), the Netherlands and online


An agenda will be available soon

EBPG User Meeting (ELBUM)

The EBPG User Meeting will include tipps and tricks for the use of the EBPG as well as an update about new software features and the recently launched EBPG Plus.

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October 8th


9:00 AM - 13:30 PM CET