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Micrograph Award – show us your work and win a conference-trip 

Win a free trip to a conference of your choice! Enter the Raith Micrograph award and convice us with your work. Before you register, please note:

  • Up to three micrographs of the same application can be entered 
  • If you wish to enter multiple applications, please submit them seperately 
  • Please note that all submissions will be evaluated based on
    • uniqueness of the nanostructure,
    • technical quality of the image and
    • the description of the micrograph and the scientific motivation!
  • Please submit only high resolution pictures (150 – 300 dpi) 
  • Please describe your work and scientific motivation in detail (up to maximum 1000 characters on your scientific motivation and 2000 for the description of the micrograph) 
  • Entries may be published on Raith's website and/or social media channels, and/or in any other form of marketing material. 
  • Deadline: Please make sure to submit your images latest by August 31st, 2023
Micrograph Award Registration

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