Nanolithography Systems

Select the nanolithography system that best fits your needs - we offer the broadest range of nanofabrication instrumentation

Raith’s broad nanofabrication portfolio offers the ideal solution for all your nanofabrication challenges. Whether you are seeking an electron beam nanolithography system for industrial work or academic applications, want to configure your FIB-SEM with a selection of ions for FIB nanopatterning, or already have an SEM / FIB-SEM and are looking for a way to expand its use to include nanofabrication, Raith has the optimal solution for you. Employing a variety of workflows, Raith systems deliver the outstanding data quality required for large-area mosaic image acquisition, automated metrology, and process control. Whenever nanostructures need to be created or observed, find out what Raith’s nanofabrication, imaging, and lithography systems can do for you to get the very best out of your applications. Team up with Raith for a lifelong partnership in nanofabrication.

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Photo of the high resolution lithography system EBPG Plus

Electron beam lithography systems are Raith’s core business. Our wide–ranging portfolio of products, covering everything from fully automated high–resolution systems to multifunctional tools, can supply you with the ideal EBL system to cater to your needs.

EBL Systems

Raith’s unique FIB-SEM system defines FIB as the priority technique. Supported by a field emission SEM and Raith´s unique Laser Interferometer Stage, the FIB-SEM nanolithograhy system fulfills the most demanding requirements in R&D nano prototyping as well as sample preparation and microscopy.

Photo of the FIB-SEM VELION
Photo of the SEM solution CHIPSCANNER

Efficient, fully automated nanometrology and process control combined with Raith’s high-precision Laser Interferometer Stages are the foundation of the Raith scanning electron microscope solution for accurate large-area image acquisition.While it is especially valuable for reverse engineering applications, it is beneficial for any application that requires nm resolution over cm² and excellent layer-to-layer 3D accuracy for reconstruction.


The PICOMASTER XF and PICOMASTER series are maskless laser lithography systems that provide highest resolution and speed for all microfabrication needs. Given the wide range of different laser writers, we offer a solution for applications ranging from sub-micron semiconductor exposures to big flat panel manufacturing and beyond. Discover the various laser writers, from tabletop to standalone systems, and find the perfect solution for your application!

Laser Lithography Systems
Picture of the masklesse lithography system PICOMASTER XF
Picture of the Lithography attachment for nanopatterning: the ELPHY MultiBeam

Our nanolithography upgrade kits offer the easiest and most cost-effective access to professional nanolithography and nanofabrication. Simply combine the kit with an existing SEM, FIB, FIB-SEM or HIM for use as a nanolithography system.


The best available technology paired with the best Service and Support

The best available technology for growing requirements provides the basis for a unique and lifelong partnership between you and Raith, growing in step with your career. Every Raith nanolithography system gives you access to a worldwide support and service structure with application and system support hotline. Raith will advise and give answers whenever you have questions. Affordable service models are available to ensure full support over the lifetime of your system.

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