Raith schedules regular symposia at customer sites to get a braod overview of different aspects of nanolithography and to meet experts in all sorts of nanolithography disciplines.

Each symposium festures technical experts as well as customers from different companies who describe the spectrum of latest, state-of-the-art direct-write capabilities.
Please see below if there are any Symposia scheduled in the near future.

There are no symposia scheduled at the moment. make sure, to visit our website regularly or follow us on LikedIn, facebook or Instagram for any updates.

NMLS Nano-Micro-Lithography Symposium

Joint Symposium on Direct Write, Optical, Ion and Electron Beam Lithography

Join us for the Symposium, hosted on gather.town. This online event brings together technical experts, customers and users from Nanoscribe, micro resist technology GmbH, GenISys GmbH and Raith. Discover the latest technologies and products for Nano-Micro-Lithography. Several system users from the participating companies will provide detailed insights into their microfabrication projects and describe experiences with various products and technologies. In addition, there will be an inspiring student project pitch and numerous networking opportunities to discuss your projects.

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Logo NMLS Symposium 2022


October 19, 2022


The Joint Symposium will be held as an online event

Deadline for registration


Contact person

Sabine Hintz
Email: sabine.hintz@raith.de

Registration fee

Participation is free for registered participants.

The recording of the sympsoium on the fabrication and characterization of quantum device can be found here.