How are you challenging the frontiers of nanotechnology? Let us know – and win!

Raith´s new vision and mission offer you exciting opportunities to get involved, while contributing your personal perspective and experience on nanofabrication and nanotechnology tasks.

Alongside Raith´s new vision and mission, we would also like to hear your point of view. What challenges have you been confronted with in the past, what challenges lie ahead for you, and what nanotechnology activities do you aim to pursue in the future?

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How can you contribute?

Just answer the questions below. It’s very easy – you can send a voice message recording, video or text.
Here are some examples from nanotechnology experts who already participated:

What can you win?

1st prize: Win full funding for your participation in our Expert Workshop and Skill Day in March 2024 (travel expenses, hotel, etc.).

2nd prize: Win a brand new iPad Air.

All entrants will receive a high-quality A4 Raith Vision notepad.

Our questions to you:

  1. What are past or current nanotechnology challenges you have striven to overcome?
  2. How do Raith systems help you to overcome these challenges?
  3. What boundaries do you aim to push in the future?

Answer our questions, and you could be one of our lucky winners!

We are very excited to hear about where and how you aim to break the frontiers of nanotechnology – with us!