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FIB-SEM nanofabrication

Learn how to benefit from resistless FIB nanofabrication and how to get access to a wide range of applications which are beyond the reach of common FIB-SEM and EBL instruments.

The White Paper highlights typical applications that can be addressed with VELION, such as 3D nanostructures at once over mm length, FIB hard masking of large area patterns and many more.

nanoFIB column

Lean how to utilize Raith’s nanoFIB column with its long-term stable ion beam current at lowest position drift and lowest beam tails to advance FIB nanofabrication to the level of a lithography system.

The White Paper describes the state-of-the-art focused ion beam column technology and its key strengths to achieve cutting-edge application results.

Multiple ion species for FIB with IONselect

Learn how the unique IONselect technology gives you the chance to utilize light or heavy and swift or slow ions from universal ion sources. Immediate switching between different ions paves the ways for new lithography process pathways.

The White Paper describes the innovative source technology of Raith’s nanoFIB column with IONselect and its availability of various ions for FIB nanofabrication.


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