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Corporate Social Responsibility 


For Raith GmbH, entrepreneurship involves responsibility. We are responsible for our employees, our customers and suppliers, but also for our fellow human beings and for the natural world in general. This responsibility results in a perception of success that envisages both financial profit and non-economic goals. We fulfil this aim by anchoring responsible entrepreneurship in our corporate strategy. By doing so, we define a basic approach for internal and external operations and provide our employees with guidelines for their actions. In our annual CSR reporting we determine our strengths and weaknesses in environmental, social, and process-related areas and translate them into a continuous improvement process involving our stakeholders – particularly our employees, shareholders, customers and suppliers.

Process Management

Our Corporate Social Responsibility and Compliance Manager has been managing all Raith Group’s CSR and compliance-related activities since 2017. She works with our specialist areas to develop measures and standards and supports stakeholder dialogue. In 2018 / 2019, we focussed on the development of an internal Code of Conduct that is based on our core values and incorporates five columns of conduct: Leadership Principles, Teamwork Principles, Customer Promise, General Compliance and Code of Conduct for Suppliers. The group-wide roll-out of this Code will be completed in 2020.


Our modern production processes result in only limited amounts of emissions and waste. From 2020, our Dortmund factory will be run with green electricity only which will reduce our carbon footprint on a large scale. Environmentally sound products will be preferred in our purchasing wherever possible. In addition, we strive for continuous improvement, e.g. by practicing lean production methods, with positive impacts on our resource consumption and environmental footprint.


Our corporate culture is shaped by flat hierarchies, loyalty and respect in our dealings with each other, internationality, space for creativity, and innovation. Dialog, healthcare, familyfriendly considerations, qualification, and diversity form the foundations of a sustainable relationship with our employees, enhancing their satisfaction and motivation. Good, safe and secure working conditions are our concern, also for our supply chain. That is why we also ask our suppliers and partners to commit to fair and secure working conditions in their organizations.

Reporting Standard

Our CSR report is based on the German Sustainability Code (http://www.deutschernachhaltigkeitskodex.de/de/startseite.html) issued by the German Sustainability Council and in turn based on GRI and EFFAS reporting standards. Being scrutinized in yearly CSR audits, we are proud that our auditors, too, attest us high standards and exemplary engagement. In order to get our full CSR report, please send an e-mail to compliance@raith.de or Rebecca.jacob@raith.de