Electron beam lithography systems for all requirements

Raith’s wide range of electron beam lithography systems provides solutions for all of your application challenges that require high resolution, high speed, full automation, or versatility.

These innovative, intelligently configured electron beam lithography systems allow easy and effective access to nanofabrication. All Raith EBL systems are equipped with a high-precision laser interferometer stage and pattern generators to deliver the maximum precision and speed for the work you do. Further features – like traxx and periodixx, the stitching-error-free exposure modes, and Nanosuite, the intuitive and comprehensive nanolithography software – set Raith’s systems apart from other nanolithography equipment. Contact us to discuss which system would best fit your needs.


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Dedicated electron beam lithography systems

Automation, stability and throughput

Logo EBPG Plus lightgrey

The EBPG Plus high-performance nanolithography system provides up to 8-inch capability at 100 kV. Its full automation, high speed, and high resolution can generate leading-edge lithography for operations at centers of excellence as well as semiconductor fabrication.

With its innovative architecture and attractive cost of ownership, the VOYAGER nanolithography system lowers the entrance barriers for high-speed electron beam lithography.

RAITH150 Two Logo

RAITH150 Two direct write tool offers ultra-high-resolution EBL with excellent imaging capability. Sub-8 nm structures can be achieved on sample sizes from a few mm to 8-inch wafers, while thermal stabilization supports highest performance even in challenging environments.

Multi-technique electron beam lithography systems

Flexibility, multi-functional capability, and SEM imaging

eLINE Plus Logo

This versatile multi-technique nanolithography system combines an EBL system with an open platform for customized experiments and processes. With a range of different options, the eLINE Plus is the most versatile and unique nanoengineering EBL system available.


The EBL-SEM hybrid system combines state-of-the-art nanolithography and analytical SEM imaging in a single tool. PIONEER Two defines a new and unique class of affordable professional electron beam lithography systems for both nanofabrication and SEM-based analytics.