Raith Service – With you all the way

At Raith, service is so much more than “just” regular system maintenance.

With more than 70 service specialists based in over 14 locations worldwide, you can be sure there is always a highly qualified and trained Raith service engineer near you. All service staff receive regular training at our headquarters, ensuring every service engineer meets our consistent high training standards. Over 30,000 spare parts are in stock, distributed from 6 warehouses worldwide, so quick delivery is a given should replacement of a critical part be necessary.

At Raith Service, our goal is to ensure the work you perform on a Raith system is the most enjoyable and successful it can possibly be. Because we firmly believe that your success is paramount for our partnership, we offer a wide range of services:

Service Contracts

To ensure you get the best possible use out of your system, choose from our modular service contracts and find the contract that best fits your needs. Find out more about our modular service contracts here.

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An efficient and mature workflow is the aim of every owner of a state-of-the-art Raith system. We offer a wide range of training options that are designed to enable users to produce reliable and efficient results, improving their skills to ensure smooth workflows that make the best and most fruitful use of their Raith system.

Find out more about the various training options here.

Software / hardware updates

Get the most out of your resources! With Raith Factory Updates you can benefit from process, handling, and performance improvements. We would be happy to improve your application with appropriate updates. Please contact us for more information.

Is your system upgraded to Windows 10 yet? If not, get in touch and we will make sure keep your Raith System current and secure! Download the Flyer with all the relevant information here!

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Raith EBL and FIB systems are highly stable and reliable. Regular maintenance is key to achieving this high level of performance.

Before preventive maintenance actions take place, Raith reviews the system for indications of mechanical and electrical defects/misalignments and runs performance checks on cooling, vacuum, and electronic systems and on software, calibration and beam performance.

Depending on the outcome, relevant components are cleaned, repaired, readjusted or replaced. If required the electron optics are readjusted and optimized for performance. Consumable parts are also replaced. Replacement of the electron / ion source may optionally be included in maintenance.

This effort results in high uptime and very good performance for your Raith EBL / FIB machine. We strongly recommend that maintenance is carried out according to a regular schedule. This allows us to closely track the status of your system and helps to avoid unexpected downtimes.

Phone, e-mail & remote support

You are always welcome to get in touch with us! Regardless of your current service contract status, we are happy to help with any kind of question.

If needed, a Raith service expert will log into your system remotely – in many cases this is the quickest and most efficient support you can get.

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System optimization support

Raith works closely with the customer to optimize specific areas of the system. Quarterly remote system checks are scheduled to monitor performance and stability. These efforts go above and beyond standard preventive and corrective maintenance, and are intended to extend the limits of the system beyond standard system specifications in areas that are important for the customer’s applications.

Raith may offer ideas, suggestions, and possibly on-site visits to characterize and/or optimize the system.

System relocation

Raith service engineers are the ones to call if your system needs to move – whether it’s to the next room or a different continent. You benefit from a full range of services including testing, disassembly, packing, transportation, installation, run up, and qualification. We recommend ordering a Raith Site Survey to check the new location in advance and avoid any unexpected issues.

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Site Survey

A Raith Site Survey includes various measurements (vibration, acoustic noise, AC & DC magnetic fields) as well as a general inspection of the designated room and all necessary supplies.

Based on the measurements taken, Raith engineers can estimate the system’s stability and performance. Additionally, they report on any necessary or possible changes in the setup of the lab / supplies or premises which can improve system performance.

In advance of every new system delivery, a Site Survey is performed to prepare for a smooth installation.


Focus on your valuable work. We are happy to help if any unexpected behavior is observed. In many cases uncertainties can be fixed remotely. If this is not a possible solution, components can be replaced. For some components this might be even possible without an onsite visit by a Raith Service Engineer.

If an onsite visit is required, you can benefit from the dense worldwide network of Raith service experts, including in your vicinity.

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Spare parts & consumables

Raith systems are designed and engineered to be solid and long-lasting. Nevertheless, single components might occasionally need replacement. Large stocks of spare parts are always provisioned in our warehouses and are ready for superfast same-day / next-day deliveries in urgent cases.

The same applies to consumables used in your EBL / FIB process. Let us know your requirements and we will help.

System shutdown and startup services

The customer site may have scheduled shutdowns which require the Raith system to be completely turned off for a period. If required, Raith provides onsite support to prepare the system for the shutdown, bring the system back online, and perform the required calibrations after facilities are restored.

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