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Nanolithography Training & Workshops

Purchasing a nanolithography system is a major investment. However, it delivers maximum efficiency – provided it is used correctly. One important responsibility is to ensure continuous training and education for all users. A broad range of training and workshop options are available for EBL, FIB, and large area imaging.

Training starts with easy entry-level workshop such as LTCs (lithography training courses) at the Raith training academy or initial onsite user training as part of new system delivery. It allows a beneficial partnership to grow while users gain the confidence to run efficient applications.

For higher ambitions, advanced factory and onsite workshops can be booked. If you are interested in specific topics we would be glad to welcome you to one of the workshops that are regularly held at the Raith facilities. If you have difficulty finding the topics you need in our training calendar, we would appreciate hearing your request so that we can add it as soon as possible.

Training & Application Assistance

It is proven that well-trained users benefit from successful courses and achieve higher efficiency and productivity while enjoying their work more. Comprehensive user training is always included in new system delivery. This training is well prepared and individually adjusted to the specific requirements of the attendees.

To ensure good learning outcomes, Raith trainers keep theoretical sessions to a minimum and motivate future users to get hands-on with their system. After a relatively short while, new users are able to perform their first tasks with the system and can start building their experience. Once handling of the system has been mastered, more advanced training should be considered in which more specific topics are covered. The focus is on efficient execution of the daily workload; workflows and settings are suggested, explained, and trained.

Onsite training is always a mandatory part of a system purchase. It is also available to all facilities that are already equipped with a Raith EBL or FIB system. In addition, experienced users can benefit from significant improvement in of their skill and productivity levels when they are trained onsite.

Remote training is an additional option which might also be combined with an onsite training.

Furthermore individual application and operation assistance is available tailored to your specific needs.

Raith Workshops

Very cost-effective yet comprehensive training courses can be attended at the Raith factory in Dortmund (Germany) and Best (Netherlands). The demo laboratories are equipped with the full bandwidth of Raith EBL and FIB systems, cleanroom and wet bench environments, and all the necessary infrastructures.

Photo showing participants at a Raith Lithography training

Basic Lithography Workshop

The Basic Lithography Workshop is a good start to introduce users to Raith nanofabrication systems. It is open to all Raith clients seeking to learn the basics of electron beam lithography. It is a great opportunity if you have to assure seamless and qualified transition to new staff.

In a series of workshop sessions over 3 days, users acquire the basic knowledge they need to prepare the system and their design files, to execute exposures, and to validate the success of their work. To maximize the effectiveness of practical sessions, they are held in small groups tailored to the participants’ systems and software versions. The basic Lithography Workshops are a very good choice for organizations with small numbers of new users to be trained. Where user numbers are larger, onsite training is likely to be the most cost-effective choice.

Due to COVID 19 the LTC will be hold online until further notice.

Photo of an advanced EBL training

Advanced Lithography Workshop

Expand your users’ capabilities with advanced factory training. For those Raith system users that have already gained wider experience with their system, we offer workshops on a variety of topics. On request, highly qualified experts will design a workshop covering specific topics such as “proximity effect and correction” and “nanoengineering options.” Should you have any specific needs, we can also arrange workshops that cover your specific application challenges and are the most relevant and helpful in improving your processes and applications. The workshop length depends on your specific requirements. Like basic LTC training, the advanced training will be held at the Raith demo laboratory to make use of the latest technologies and systems.

Due to COVID 19 the Advanced Training will be hold online until further notice.

Raith organizes an informal get-together for the participants and takes care of catering needs during this event (this only applies when there are training at the headquarter again).

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Raith organizes an informal get-together for the participants and takes care of catering needs during this event (this only applies when there are training at the headquarter again).

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Photo of a raith Application Scientist giving an educational video

Educational videos

Sometimes it’s the little tips and tricks that help the most. To get fast and easy answers to the most frequently asked questions, all Raith users can access a library of educational videos, updated regularly to make sure the most pressing questions are covered. Check out the videos and see if your questions are answered directly. And if you can’t find what you are looking for, let us know what you need.

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User Meetings

Raith schedules regular user group meetings at exhibitions, conferences, and universities.

Raith User Meetings provide users of Raith systems with a framework to present their scientific results to an interested audience. The meetings are an excellent opportunity to interact with like-minded professionals and discuss the latest developments within the nanofabrication community. They offer a great networking possibility while also enabling attendees to learn about the newest application and technology trends. Find out when the next one is coming up in your area. We look forward to seeing you there!

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