Photo of VOYAGER User Thomas Krauss

Prof. Thomas Krauss

VOYAGER at the University of York

Photo of the electron beam lithography system VOYAGER
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Prof. Thomas Kraus Says

VOYAGER at the University of York

“The reason I decided to buy this is that Raith built an entirely new system rather than optimising an existing concept; this allowed them to benefit from all the recent developments, e.g. in high-speed electronics, where they used a 26-bit (Raith comment: digital resolution) 50 MHz pattern generator that not only does addressing, but also on-the-fly spotsize control.

The performance specs are similar to much more expensive machines, yet the service costs are much lower, which is crucial for operation in a university environment.”

Outstanding support

“You can also rely on Raith to deliver on their promises. They stuck to the agreed timetable, the machine performed much better than specified, both in the factory and in our labs, and it was set up in record time: the truck arrived on Monday morning, we had images by Friday and were doing lithography the next week.

They hit the performance targets right away, with sub-10 nm lines written and 20 nm stitching demonstrated on a 500 µm writefield. The photonic crystal patterns look perfect.

The support has been outstanding and the team is extremely competent. We very much look forward to making some of the best photonic crystals and nanophotonic structures and to continue working with Raith.”