New EBPG Plus

With an extra Plus in precision, throughput, and automation

We proudly present the new EPBG Plus, the latest generation of the highly successful EBPG series and now faster, more precise, and more stable than ever before. Many small-scale adjustments have resulted in a significantly enhanced product: The EBPG Plus not only offers world-leading specifications. In addition, all components, performance specifications, and their interactions have been harmonized such that overall system performance for the entire application bandwidth has been elevated to the next level without compromise. The new features include:

  • Low-noise temperature-stabilized electronics for better pattern fidelity
  • Reduced stage settling times for higher throughput
  • Increased height measurement resolution for better stitching and overlay
  • New high-resolution shapes for better pattern fidelity
  • New Firebird multicore pattern processor technology for faster data processing
  • New alignment microscope for fast and easy workflows

The ultra-high-performance nanolithography system EBPG Plus offers best device performance at high yield while delivering the highest throughput in the market. All this is made possible by the EBPG Plus’ holistic design, which meets the diverse performance requirements without compromising in any respect.

The flawless interaction between the various tool performance dimensions guarantees optimum nanolithography results and specifications such as:

  • 5 nm overlay
  • 8 nm stitching
  • 350 nA maximum beam current
  • < 20 nm/h drift (over 8 hours)
  • 60 mm/s stage speed

Photo of the high resolution lithography system EBPG Plus

On top of that, the EBPG Plus offers an intuitive user interface and a high degree of automation, flexibility, and repeatability, as well as the largest lithography and support network in the industry.

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