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Laser lithography systems for all requirements

Raith offers laser lithography systems ranging from tabletop systems for up to 4” substrates to standalone systems that cover any sample from 5 mm to 8” and beyond. Raith’s laser lithography systems are user-friendly maskless lithography tools that deliver excellent performance in producing microstructures with the highest resolution available in the market.

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Laser lithography systems

Productlogo of the direct laser writer PICOMASTER

All PICOMASTER direct laser write systems are user-friendly tools with excellent stitch-free output. A unique starting-point for your research and innovations, and an indispensable part of the mass production process. The PICOMASTER range guarantee any project will run efficiently, smoothly, and worry-free. Therefore, these systems provide the optimum environment for stimulating innovations to the full for a host of applications.

Productlogo of the maskless lithography system PICOMASTER XF

PICOMASTER XF is a high-speed maskless lithography system that speeds up your microfabrication. With new multi-beam technology, PIOCMASTER XF operates at a writing speed of up to 280 mm²/min while achieving 600 nm resolution.

Log of the PICOMASTER holography systems

PICOMASTER holographic origination systems: the ideal tools to produce optical variable devices, Fresnel lenses and other blazed grating images.

Logo of the laser beam lithography table top system MICROMASTER

MICROMASTER is an entry-level maskless laser writer for laser beam lithography. Its table-top compact design requires minimum cleanroom space, but still delivers uncompromisingingly high-quality resolution below 1 µm and full grayscale capability up to 4096 levels.


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