Learn how to utilize multiple ion species for FIB

New IONselect Whitepaper available!

Raith’s FIB-centric FIB-SEM system VELION is equipped with the unique nanoFIB column. Besides advantages such as long-term stable ion beam current at lowest position drift and lowest beam tails, it also comes with the feature of employing different ion species for patterning and ion imaging. The IONselect technology facilitates fast, easy and reliable switching between different ion species from Raith’s proprietary liquid metal alloy ion source (LMAIS).

A newly released White Paper now describes how to utilize different ions with different properties from universal ion sources. It now becomes possible to use light or heavy as well as fast or slow ions from the same source to tailor your nanofabrication processes to your needs.

New possibilities for advanced nanofabrication

IONselect technology opens up completely new opportunities. The interaction between ions and substrate always has consequences for the resulting nanostructure. By being able to choose the emitted ion species, you can now control these interactions selectively.

Furthermore, you can use different ion species for one job to speed up the process and still achieve highest resolution by taking advantage of the different sputter yields.

Thanks to IONselect technology, Raith’s proprietary FIB technology has evolved to enable advanced nanofabrication with different ion species. With unique universal ion sources, it truly defines a new state of the art in FIB technologies.

Illustration of a FIB column with Gallium and one with MultiSpecies
The extended nanoFIB with IONselect upgrade including alloy ion source and ion selector
SEM image showing the large-volume milling with Bi
SEM image showing refining of bowties with Li FIB milling
SEM image showing the adjustmentsof the gap size of a bowtie nanoantenna with Li FIB

Stepwise fabrication of bowtie structures with Bi for removing a large volume of material and Li to refine and adjust the structures

Accelerate your nanofabrication results

A new White Paper is now available which explains the innovative source technology of the nanoFIB column with IONselect and its availability of various ion source for FIB nanofabrication. It describes how it works, which ion species are available, and how you can take advantage of their different properties.

Download the White Paper now to find out how new ion species unlock new opportunities and accelerate your nanofabrication results!