4PICO Litho is now Raith Laser Systems B.V.

Raith acquired 4PICO Litho to expand its nanofabrication portfolio by Laser Beam Lithography in June 2021. Following this acquisition, a major step of the integration is now complete: 4PICO has now been officially renamed Raith Laser Systems B.V.

With its portfolio of laser beam lithography systems, 4PICO has been the ideal addition to Raith’s product portfolio. From now on, the name Raith is home to the full scope of micro- and nanofabrication solutions.

Founded in 2004, 4PICO has established itself as an expert in the holographic and security mastering equipment market and as a supplier of choice for direct-write optical patterning down to sub-micron level in academic and industrial markets. The new integrated division now enables customers to choose from a complete range of nanofabrication instrumentation, extending from single-digit nanoscale resolution tasks up to fast large-area patterning using optical lithography.

For more information about the change of name, please read our press release.