New continuation fund “capiton Quantum” invests in Raith Group

As of February 2023, Raith will continue the partnership with its current investor capiton. Since taking over as the investor in 2016, capiton has been a reliable partner and supported Raith’s growth over the past years. During this period, Raith has achieved very successful development and exceeded all expectations to become the best performer in capiton’s V fund.

Based on this success, capiton has chosen to continue the partnership with Raith and founded a new fund named capiton Quantum. Next to Raith, this fund will also include AEMtec, putting a strong focus on leading companies within the industrial technology space. The transition into capiton Quantum will deliver new capital for creating additional opportunities that allow both companies to further grow organically as well as inorganically.

Christoph Karbenk, Managing Partner at capiton, says: “On behalf of the entire capiton team, I would like to thank the investor group who supported us in this transaction as well as the management teams, who have done a tremendous job to date. We are thrilled to continue this successful partnership by bringing both companies to the next level while the transaction generates strong returns for our existing capiton V investors.”

Ralf Jede, CEO at Raith, adds: “We are very happy to continue our good relationship with caption and secure the future growth of our company. We are very proud to have grown Raith to be the global market leader for nanofabrication equipment and look forward to further strengthening our position on the micro- and nanofabrication market.”