Winner of the business award!

We are happy and honored to announce that Raith have won the Business Award of the Economic Development Agency Dortmund! The annual award was founded in 2005 and is now in its 15th year. It is presented in recognition of outstanding achievements in the areas of both entrepreneurialism and social responsibility.

The circumstances made everything more difficult; the award ceremony, already been planned for March 2020, was postponed to March 2021 and held online due to the COVID 19 pandemic. Even one year later, we are no less proud to have been selected as the winner out of 122 companies nominated in Dortmund.

Photo of Peter Orth presenting the buiseness award to Raith's CEO Dr. Ralf Jede

In his speech, Peter Orth, Chair of the Board of Management of the Sparkasse bank, emphasized Raith’s commitment to drawing on talent from the region and investment in qualifications, e.g. by partnering Dortmund University of Applied Sciences for dual study courses. Furthermore, Orth also pointed out that Raith has 15% of women in management positions – well above the industry average.

“We are very grateful for the trust and recognition expressed in this award,” says Dr. Ralf Jede, CEO of Raith. “It is an acknowledgement of the dedication and good work of our employees and the constant support of their families.”

On April 8th, Peter Orth visited our headquarters to present the award in person. Orth pointed out, “It is not only Raith’s high-tech products that make the company unique, but the fact that those products are developed and manufactured by experts who are mainly recruited, educated, and trained in the same region. Raith invests in its employees and their education to counteract skilled labor shortages. Other decisive factors in favor of Raith were the company’s value-based leadership culture as well as its efforts to maximize employee satisfaction.”

The award provides further motivation for us to strive for the best, and we will continue to do so in the future to ensure our customers can count on the best technology and service!

The video was shot by the Economic Development Agency Dortmund and is availabe in German only.