Get together – our European User Events in 2023

A major cornerstone of our values is the trustful cooperation we maintain with our customers. To create that, we prioritize regular dialogue with our customers as well as encouraging dialogue between them. We believe that together we can always achieve more and that sharing ideas as well as problems enables all of us to grow.

Expert Workshop and Skill Day

Last December, we organized the first Expert Workshop and Skill Day as a new format for fostering exchange and being inspired by other like-minded professionals. Unlike the years before the pandemic, we decided to decouple the User Meetings and ELBUM from conferences and also introduce a new concept for the meetings at the same time. The Expert Workshop and Skill Day was born – and was a great success!

Logo of the Raith Expert Workshop and Skill Day

The focus of the event will continue to be on technical and work-related topics. A key advantage of the new format is the presence of many Raith specialists from our product management, engineering, service, support, and applications departments, because of the event’s proximity to our Raith location. This also enables us to offer a tour of our factory in Best this year. Furthermore, we are looking forward to hearing your presentations and experiences and will offer the possibility to schedule one-on-one sessions to resolve your individual questions.

To allow everyone to participate, the event will again be held in a hybrid format: you can participate online, but you are also very welcome to join us in Eindhoven from October 17–19, 2023!

Save the date now while we get on with planning the event to maximize the impact of the occasion. Registration will open soon, so stay tuned for more information and for your chance to register!

User Dinners during the DPG and MNE conferences

We will of course again be present at this year’s DPG Spring Meeting in Dresden and MNE Conference in Berlin. As many of our users are accustomed to participating in either of the two events as well, we do not intend to miss the chance to meet you there and get together. Like last year, we will host a User Dinner during the DPG as well as the MNE.

DPG is already coming up in March, so please save your seat for the User Dinner now. Here are the details:

  • Date: Wednesday, March 29, 2023
  • Time: 18.30
  • Location: Villandry, Dresden
  • Invited: Everyone who is working on a Raith system


To enable us to plan the event smoothly and reserve enough seats, please make sure you register early here!

Register for User Dinner