Raith customer L. Molenkamp receives highest DPG award

Raith congratulates physics professor and long-time customer Laurens W. Molenkamp from the University of Würzburg on receiving the Stern Gerlach Medal, an award for outstanding performance in the field of experimental physics.

Prof. Dr. L. Molenkamp observed the topological isolator state in HgTe quantum wells, using the Raith ELPHY attachment for parts of this work. This new state of condensed material came to fame in connection with the award of the Nobel Prize in Physics last year. 

Molenkamp’s groundbreaking work has laid the foundations for the new research field of topological quantum materials, opening up fascinating applications that extend to quantum computing. 

“Raith has always supported us well and provided equipment which helped us to go beyond the limits,” says Professor Molenkamp. 

Photo of Erwin Molenkamp
Picture: Copyright by Erwin Molenkamp

„Both the robustness and excellent signal quality of ELPHY has enabled us to obtain these fantastic research results,” adds Tatiana Borzenko, long-time tool master at the University of Würzburg. “The advanced features (higher processing speed, interferometer controlled stage, etc.) of the next-generation machine (PIONEER Two) will definitely help us in further sophisticated experiments with nanostructures,” affirms Dr. Kleinlein, Nanolithography Group leader at the department.