Raith expands its portfolio by acquiring 4PICO Litho

We are very happy to announce the acquisition of Netherlands-based 4PICO Group – a successful and fast-growing supplier of direct write laser beam lithography systems. Together with 4PICO Litho’s expertise in Laser Beam Lithography, we confidently look forward to being able to provide lithography customers with more possibilities and opportunities than ever before.

Launched in 2004, 4PICO Litho established itself as an expert in Laser Beam-based CD/DVD mastering equipment. This technology platform was then converted into dedicated Laser Beam Lithography (LBL) systems, culminating in the introduction of the successful PicoMaster series in 2014. Drawing on this wealth of experience and know-how, 4PICO Litho has meanwhile grown into a leader in the holographic and security mastering equipment market and a LBL supplier of choice for even sub-micron patterning in academic R&D markets.

Logo of 4PICO Litho

“We are very pleased to merge our long-standing expertise in UV laser technology for micropatterning with Raith´s leadership in nanofabrication markets. By combining our strengths with Raith´s competencies in sales, marketing, production, and services, we will make the PicoMaster LBL series a top choice for customers in need of advanced microfabrication equipment,” says Jacco Houter, CEO of 4PICO B.V.

“The addition of LBL equipment to our product portfolio now enables us to offer the perfect complement to Electron Beam Lithography and Focused Ion Beam Nanofabrication. Our customers will be able to choose from a complete range of nanofabrication instrumentation, extending from single-digit nanoscale resolution tasks up to fast large-area patterning using optical lithography. The complementary LBL and EBL solutions offered from a single source with the future perspective of integrated workflow and sample handling will improve nanofabrication process efficiency at many customer labs,” says Ralf Jede, CEO of Raith Group.

We are looking forward to the new opportunities, both for us and our customers, that will arise from this acquisition, and are happy to answer any questions you might have.

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For further information, you can also download the press release here.