Save the date – first joint symposium on the fabrication and characterization of quantum devices

Join us for our first joint quantum symposium, where we have teamed up with Delmic, Oxford Instruments, and Qnami to share comprehensive knowledge about the fabrication and sensing of well-designed quantum devices!

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Quantum computing promises to accelerate computation by using quantum mechanical effects at the atomic scale. The qubit, a fundamental building block of the quantum computer, can be realized by several competing technologies attracting significant investments.
Nanofabrication underlies most of these competing technologies and is a key enabling technology for many quantum devices.

Logo of the Joint symposium on quantum device fabrication

After organizing many successful joint symposia with other companies, we are convinced that this event will likewise contribute to a useful and detailed exchange between participants. Experts and customers from the participating companies will describe how the technology allows engineering of quantum devices by controlling the size of the nanomaterial with nanometer resolution. A detailed agenda will be sent out in the near future, so make sure to check your email, follow us on LinkedIn, or visit our website.

Don´t miss the chance to discover how nanofabrication allows engineering of quantum devices, listen to interesting expert talks covering many different facets of the subject, and get yourself involved. Save your spot here!

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