Quantum Symposium available on demand now

The symposium on the fabrication and characterization of quantum devices which we organized in cooperation with delmic, Qnami, and Oxford Instrument is now available on demand.

Quantum computing promises to accelerate computation by using quantum mechanical effects on the atomic scale. The qubit, a fundamental building block of the quantum computer, can be realized using several competing technologies that are attracting significant investments.

Nanofabrication underlies most of these competing technologies and is a key enabling technology for many quantum devices.

Visual Quantum Symposium

At the seminar, experts and customers from the participating companies described how the technology supports engineering of quantum devices by controlling the size of the nanomaterial at nanometer resolution.

Don´t miss the chance to discover how nanofabrication supports engineering of quantum devices, and listen to interesting expert talks covering many different facets of the subject!

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To read the application note about photonic circuits for on-chip quantum optics written by our speaker Menno Poot, click here to download it.

Download Application Note
Photonic CNOT quantum gate; Menno Poot, Yale University, USA