New publication on quantum technology - ionLiNE Plus proofs unique capabilities

One of the challenges in quantum photonics is the reliable creation of defects that can serve for spin-based quantum information processing like nitrogen vacancy centers in diamond. Another promising system is silicon vacancies in silicon carbide being a widely used semiconductor material.

Picture of a publication about quantum technologies

The group of Prof. Weibo Gao at the Nanyang Technological University in Singapore in cooperation with the Raith application team has recently shown that ion implantation with a focused Si++ ion beam can be employed for creating active silicon vacancies in SiC ( Thus the advanced capabilities of ionLiNE Plus (now VELION) with its high resolution Si++ ion beam, accurate beam placement and unique laser interferometer stage enable scalable fabrication with a dose control down to a few ions per spot. Find out more about the focused ion beam system ionLINE Plus / VELION and the IONselect technology: