New Management at Raith China

After the successful start of Raith China, General Manager Xiaoyu Sun handed over her duties to Yue Tian as General Manager and Truman Zhu as Vice General Manager with effect from July 1st, 2018. 

Raith China was established as a joint venture of Germantech Co. Ltd. and Raith GmbH in 2017. As General Manager of Raith China and Germantech, Xiaoyu Sun oversaw the operations of Germantech during the transition process while at the same time successfully smoothing the transition and integration of several Germantech employees and the Raith BV China team into a single Raith China team. “It was a fantastic experience to drive the foundation of Raith China, but it is now time for me to dedicate my focus 100% on actively developing the future of Germantech Co Ltd. again,she announces. 

With Yue Tian and Truman Zhu, two experienced and long-term Germantech employees will take over the management of Raith China. My objective is to focus on further growing the service and support structure for about 60 Raith electron beam lithography and nanofabrication systems and 80 Raith ELPHY lithography attachments in China,” says Yue Tian, new General Manager of Raith China.  

Raith would like to thank Xiaoyu Sun for her outstanding efforts and results during the foundation process of Raith China Co Ltd. and for laying down the basis for the company’s further success and growth. At the same time, Raith wishes Yue Tian and Truman Zhu every success in advancing Raith’s success in China. 

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Photo of the old and new Raith China managment team
From left to right: Truman Zhu, Xiaoyu Sun and Yue Tian