New Format for Raith User Meetings

After many years and receiving plenty of valuable feedback from you, we have decided to change the format of the Raith User Meetings. From now on we will split the mixed formats used at the MNE and DPG conferences into two separate events: a social event for networking in the form of a Raith User Dinner, and an individually organized 1.5-day Expert Workshop and Skill Day to be held near one of the Raith factories in Dortmund, Germany.

The new format has the goals of improving networking and facilitating a higher degree of technical exchange.

Overview Raith User Events 2022

User Dinners during the DPG and MNE conferences

At both DPG and MNE, we would like to focus more on the networking and social aspect of the User Meetings. During both conferences, we will host a User Dinner open for all Raith Users––including previous visitors to the Raith User Meeting as well as the ELBUM.

The User Dinner at MNE 2022 in Leuven, Belgium will be organized on Sunday, September 18th, 2022, at 6pm. Location and details will be announced later.

The User Dinner at DPG 2022 in Regensburg, Germany will be organized on Tuesday, September 6, 2022, at 6pm. Location and details will be announced later.

Please register for either event to save your seat, to save the date, und to help us with the planning for the events.

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Raith Expert Workshop and Skill Day

In addition to the two User Dinners, we will debut our Expert Workshop and Skill Day. The focus of that event will be on technical and work-related topics. In order to present an attractive program of expert workshops with strong input and feedback from the user community, we are pleased to announce that an Advisory Board (AdB) has been set up. The AdD consists of Raith users who are actively engaged in the planning of the Raith Expert Workshop and Skill Day. After its initial constitution and a pre-arranged period for getting the new format up and running, the AdB committee can call in new members who are willing to contribute.

Another key advantages of this new format will be the presence of more Raith specialists from product management, engineering, service, support, and applications than ever before because of the event’s proximity to the Raith factories.

To allow everyone to participate, the event will be held in a hybrid format: ou can participate online, but you are also very welcome to join us in Dortmund. If you need accommodation, we have reserved a limited number of hotel rooms which can be booked individually during the registration process.

To allow for more efficient planning, we would appreciate your early registration. A first draft of the schedule can be seen here. The detailed program will be released early September.

So save your spot now and join us for 1½ days packed full of nanofabrication information and exchanges of ideas and experiences!

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