Ultra-fast imaging with new Backscatter Electron (BSE) detector

As a further enhancement for the VOYAGER high–performance electron beam lithography system, an ultra-fast scintillator based BSE detector is now available as an option and for retrofitting. Fiducials are scanned with radially symmetric shadow–free intensity information down to a very short pixel time of 20ns. The new detector delivers very high material contrast, which also allows more precise and flexible CE measurements and mark detection, and results in higher flexibility for EBL processes and –– last but not least –– highest overlay accuracy.
The pixel speed time is key for large–area imaging applications where thousands of images are stitched to a mosaic.

BSE imaging on Ceramic BiCaCoO
BSE imaging on Ceramic BiCaCoO

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Photo of the ultra-fast 20 ns BSE detector
The ultra-fast 20 ns BSE detector