New Multi Sample Exposure Package - The easiest nanolithography software user interface now available

Nanolithography tools are often shared by various departments within one enterprise, or even by different companies, faculties and so on. Typically, people involved with the system do not have consistent levels of expertise in nanolithography; some might even have none at all but nevertheless need nanostructures for their work, while on the other hand, the system’s users will always also include experts. The new Multi Sample Exposure Package simplifies and consolidates exposures of multiple samples from different users and user levels in a single run. 

Intuitive software for easy and fast workflow

The new software option offers two additional GUI modes in addition to the powerful NanoSuite. The first one is designed for customers without EBL expertise. The ‘Job Creator’ lets anyone prepare a job with the help of a highly intuitive graphic user interface (GUI), even with no knowledge of lithography. All the user has to do is to define the sample types and CAD design and save them with the easy standalone software tool. The file is then sent to a queue, and the master user of the tool takes over. 

Missing parameters can then be added, and all jobs are assigned to specific clamps on the Multi Sample (MS) holder by ‘Job Manager’, the advanced new GUI. Finally the job queue is executed automatically with permanent status feedback. 

Easy access to lithography

In addition to executing jobs created with Job Creator, Job Manager offers a further benefit to users with experience in electron beam lithography, but without the time or need to understand and operate every setting of the tool. Job Manager offers the opportunity to select predefined system parameters and set up the sample as required. The new GUI design is easy and intuitive to use, getting the lithography job done as easily and rapidly as possible. 

Multi Sample Holder

In addition to automatic height sensing, a Multi Sample Holder is a must for using Multi Sample Exposure. The holder allows several jobs to be exposed simultaneously. As exact measurements are necessary to do this, the holder contains a master sample with which the write field is automatically calibrated. Height sensing is needed to calculate the correct focus for each sample. The sample map contains the exact sample position and allows samples or marks to be digitally addressed directly. 

A step towards a nano-printer

The possibilities offered by the Multi Sample Exposure package represent a win-win for all users. The package offers easy access to nanolithography for users with or without experience in EBL. The new Job Creator and Job Manager interfaces make the lithography process as straightforward and simple as possible. Both functions are a big step towards a nano-printer. The Multi Sample Exposure Automation package is now initially available for VOYAGER. If you are interested in upgrading your current system or have any questions, please get in touch with one of our sales managers at or use our contact form.