Enter your work and win a trip – Raith Micrograph Award now open for submissions

Once again we invite you to share your work with us and the community while getting the chance to win a trip to a nanofabrication realted conference of your choice!

How to win?

To enter the Raith Micrograph Award, all you have to do is to upload 1-3 SEM images of your work produced using a Raith nanofabrication system or lithography attachment, describe what the image shows – and that’s it! The submission process is as simple as that. You will find a full explanation on the Micrograph Award Site.

Multiple submissions are welcomed, provided that each submission covers a different application and the micrographs within a submission all cover the same application. Each individual submission requires a new registration.

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How do we judge your work?

Unlike other similar awards, the main criterion for winning is the scientific work behind the image. Of course, the appeal of the image will be taken into consideration as well, but all submissions are mainly judged based on:

  • The uniqueness of the nanostructure
  • The technical quality of the image and
  • The description of micrograph

What can you win?

The first prize is a fully sponsored trip to a nanofabrication-related conference of your choice. You pick a conference you would like to attend, and we take care of your registration and all travel arrangements. The second and third placed entries will receive an Amazon voucher of 400€ and 200€ respctively. Some of the former Micrograph Award winners have told us their story – check them out if you want some inspiration?

Take this opportunity, show us your work, and win!

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We look forward to seeing what you are working on and wish you the best of luck!