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Raith’s laser lithography unveiled

Ready to up your lithography game to new levels? We’re thrilled about the latest addition to our portfolio –– the PICOMASTER series, which brings laser lithography capabilities to our already impressive range of solutions. In a fascinating webinar hosted by our experts, Marc Ujma and Viacheslav Vlasenko, we showcase the enormous potential of our new laser lithography tools and reveal how they can enhance your lithography processes.

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After watching the webinar, you will know how the PICOMASTER enables:

  • High resolution features at rapid speed
  • Uniform structures over a full wafer
  • Outstanding performance even in thick resist
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The webinar is now available on demand, ready for you to explore at your convenience. Simply visit our website, register, and gain access to the webinar that will show you how to improve your lithography. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to see firsthand how the PICOMASTER can elevate your work to unprecedented levels of precision and efficiency.

Discover the power of PICOMASTER:

Laser lithography has developed by leaps and bounds over the years. Are you up to date on all the capabilities of maskless laser writers? In the webinar, we introduce the latest Raith laser lithography tools and explain what makes them special. Find out how innovative writing and exposure strategies will take your lithography to the next level as you watch the webinar.

With features such as:

  • Easily exchangeable optical module,
  • Non-stitching writing strategies and
  • Hybrid autofocus,

the PICOMASTER can take your lithography to the next level.

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Elevate your lithography to new heights and stay ahead of the technological curve. The future of maskless laser lithography awaits you!

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