Hermann Raith visits Raith – a historic event

End of November, Raith CEO Dr. Ralf Jede welcomed the founder of Raith, Dr. Hermann Raith, now 84 years old, to the Raith premises in Dortmund, Germany. A longstanding resident of Australia, Dr. Raith still showed deep interest in the company´s development, especially in the field of nanofabrication. He was impressed by the applications that are now possible with VELION, the FIB-SEM system which represents a further significant milestone in Raiths history. In addition, he was delighted to be able to meet again with many colleagues –– people he knew during his active time at Raith who are now contributing to the company’s continuity and technological leadership. The Raith team gave him a very warm welcome! 

In 1980, the year of its foundation, the Raith company developed special instrumentation for scanning microscopes, including motorized SEM stages with software automation that represented great innovations at that time. A major milestone was the introduction of the first SEMbased EBL system, RAITH150, in 1996, which kick-started Raiths growth story. 

Dr. Ralf Jede (left) showed challenging FIB nanofabrication applications of the new FIB-SEM VELION to the founder of Raith, Dr. Hermann Raith (right).
Photo of the 1996: The first EBL turnkey solution
1996: The first turnkey solution in the market, the first SEM based EBL system RAITH150
Photo of a motorized SEM stage
A motorized SEM stage with innovative software automation

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