Unlimited FIB possibilities – Webinar series available on demand now!

Ever thought you’d reached the limits of what is possible with your nanofabrication system? Working with a multi-ion-species FIB-SEM might be the answer. Our FIB Product Manager Torsten Richter describes the many new possibilities in nanofabrication and ion microscopy in a webinar double feature, which is now available on demand.

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It’s all about FIB in perfection

The first webinar of the series of two covers the unique capabilities and setup of the VELION FIB-SEM with top-down FIB on a laser interferometer stage and a multi-species ion source. Torsten explains the advantages of the unique setup and shows how it can be used to enhance the results in application areas such as:

  • Ion implantation
  • Large-area nanofabrication
  • High-precision milling & wafer scale patterning, and
  • 3D FIB nanofabrication

Next-generation FIB source GaBiLi

The second webinar introduces the new GaBiLi ion source for the VELION, which enables high-resolution lithium FIB patterning as well as high-resolution and low-damage ion microscopy. Combining light and heavy ion species in a single source enables these ions to be used in one process without the need for beam offset or settling time. Torsten shows how the new GaBiLi source converts the mature nanofabrication system VELION into a powerful ion microscope, enabling

  • Sub-2 nm image resolution
  • High depth of focus
  • High surface sensitivity
  • 3D sample reconstruction
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Explore unlimited pathways for FIB nanopatterning and ion imaging

The webinar double feature shows how a FIB with multiple ion species opens up new opportunities of what is possible in nanofabrication as well as in FIB imaging. Register as a user on our website and watch the webinars now to discover the possibilities that arise from working with a top-down FIB emitting various ion species from a single source.

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