Another legend departs - Erwin Müller retires after 40 years at Raith

Erwin Müller – formerly Managing Director of Raith B.V., Netherlands – began his well-deserved retirement at the start of 2020. Erwin had been with Raith and its predecessors for four decades and left a lasting mark on the company.

In 1975 Erwin Müller started out as a Field Service Engineer for SEM and E-beam systems at Cambridge Instruments. After a few mergers and acquisitions on the part of the company and some new positions for Erwin, he became the managing director of what was then Vistec Lithography B.V. When Raith joined forces with Vistec Gaussian Beam, Erwin’s experience and managerial skills were vital to the company´s successful integration process. Under his guidance, production operations were relocated from Albany to Best, Netherlands, and production capacity was increased by more than 300%.

Photo of the Raith managment
Raith Management says goodbye to Erwin Müller

Our warmest thanks go to Erwin for the exciting, challenging, and eventful years of teamwork and for his successful collaboration over this long period. We got to know him personally and appreciated his directness and honesty; and would like to thank him for his ever-valuable contributions. His special commitment to advancing development of the EBPG helped establish its present status as a benchmark in its class of EBL systems, and it will remain one of the most important products for Raith in the future.

Walter van de Pol took over the management of Raith B.V. on January 1st, 2020. He had already spent 9 years on the local management team as EVP of Finance & Administration and during this time developed into a valued member of local and cross-location management operations.

Photo of Walter van de Pol and Erwin Müller
Walter van de Pol and Erwin Müller

We wish Walter good luck and success in his new role and thank Erwin once again for his many years of dedication while wishing him all the best for the next stage of his life!