EBPG alignment microscope field upgrade available:
Covid-19 compliance and improved workflow for simplified coordinate registration

In order to comply with hygienic requirements in the Covid-19 context by avoiding physical contact with microscope oculars, with immediate effect existing EBPG alignment microscopes can now be upgraded with a special hardware package consisting of a digital camera and a touch PC. The camera can be integrated into the optical path of the microscope and its image displayed on the touch PC screen. The latter is mounted on the frame of the alignment microscope so that the user can drive the microscope stage while observing its image on the touch PC screen instead of looking through the oculars.

Photo of a woman working on the new alignment microscope
Alignment microscope with digital camera and image displayed on touch PC.

While the touch PC has already been available as an option for the EBPG for some time, it has now been upgraded with a valuable new coordinate polling functionality. The touch PC now supports interfacing with the microscope stage coordinate display controller, and thus enables sample holder data to be transferred smoothly into the EBPG system or the specific job. Needless to say, the touch PC continues to provide original functions such as load lock control, terminal mode for accessing advanced scripting, and all other basic features.

Photo of the touch screen available for the EBPG alignment microscope
Alignment microscope with stage coordinate display controller polling using the touch PC to transfer coordinates into the system.

It is worth mentioning that this field upgrade is straightforward and can be done in a few easy steps by any operator independently with no need to call the field service. Get in touch for more information!

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