Congratulations to the winners of the 2022 Micrograph Award!

As always, our Micrograph Award honors the incredible work our customers are doing with their Raith systems.

It was a very tight race for the first three places once again, and for the first time they all go to customers in the Americas. However, since there were so many other very impressive submissions, we again decided to present four Honorable Mention Awards alongside the Art Award. So congratulations to all the winners, and thank you for sharing your work with us!

First place – 3D Surface in a Multiple Material Stack by Grayscale Lithography

Raphael Dawant from the Université de Sherbrooke in Canada bowled us over with his work in creating a 3D surface using a single plasma-etching step and grayscale lithography on a multiple material stack. He used their EBPG to expose the 3D resist profile, which was then transferred using DRIE.

SEM Image of a 3D Surface in a multiple Material Stack by Grayscale Lithography

The image on the left shows the 3D surface of the resist after grayscale exposure and development. The thickness of the resist goes from 0 to 500nm. The color bar shows the corresponding thickness of the resist for each color. The picture on the right shows the 3D surface of the multiple material stack after DRIE transfer. The color bar shows the remaining height of the stack for each color: only Al and partial TiOx thickness remain in the light blue tone, while the full 330nm stack remains in the brilliant gold tone. The proposed method is used to fabricate an array of TiOx resistive memory cylinder junctions on top of an Al bottom electrode for the fabrication of resistive memory crossbars – see related publication in JVST B:

Second place - Optomechanical Crystal Nanobeam Cavities in Single Crystal Diamond

The second place was likewise awarded to a customer in Canada: Elham Zohari from the University of Alberta is working in the field of nanophotonics with the institution’s RAITH150 Two system. She shared her work on the fabrication of optomechanical crystal cavities, which involves using a quasi-isotropic undercutting procedure to define freestanding structures in bulk diamond.

SEM Image of a Optomechanical Crystal Nanobeam Cavities in Single Crystal Diamond

Third place - Capillary-Assisted Particle Assembly of Plasmonic Nanoantennas

The third place goes to Benoit Debiolles from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the USA. Using the VELION FIB-SEM installed there, he was able to precisely assemble gold nanorods in an array of traps on a parylene-indium tin oxide-coated glass substrate. Each nanorod then acts as a plasmonic nanoantenna to transduce local voltage fluctuation into light.

Honorable Mention and Art Award

As mentioned, we again decided to include the winning “Honorable Mention” category to showcase impressive submissions that did not make it into the top three, but still impressed us with the quality of their work. Congratulations to Eugenio Di Gaetano from the University of Glasgow, Lorenzo Gnoatto from the Eindhoven University of Technology, Alexander Lambertz from AMOLF / UvA Amsterdam, Matt Rudd from the University of Alberta, and Navneet Kumar Thakur from the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, the winners in the “Honorable Mention” category, as well as to the Art Award winners. You can view all the winning micrographs in the gallery here.

Raith 2023 calendar

As every year, we used the best submissions to the Raith Micrograph Award to create our popular wall calendar. You can order your free copy here:

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Image of the Raith calendar 2023

Your chance to win

The Micrograph Award never sleeps! We’re already looking forward to the next submissions. Registration is open all year round, and if you enter a high-quality submission, your chances of winning a fully sponsored trip to a conference are very high!

Please note that evaluation is not only based on the quality of the picture, but also takes the scientific motivation and description of the work into account. So if you’ve created some interesting work with your Raith system, take your chance––and maybe next year it will be you who will be going on a fully sponsored trip to a micro- or nanofabrication-related conference of your choice!

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